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You are welcome to the site of International polylingual school “Adriatic College”! Our school was founded in 2014 in the city of Budva, Montenegro, and was officially registered with the Ministry of Education of Montenegro on December 29, 2014. “Adriatic College” school - is a unique project in the system of education of Montenegro. Our primary objective – to offer pupils the most up-to-date education, complying with the highest European standards along with education equivalent to national – Russian and Montenegrin. Especially for this purpose we have created universal integrated school program with general curriculum which includes the study of the Montenegrin language and literature, the Russian language and literature, Mathematics, natural sciences, humanities, art (fine art and music), the fields of social and physical education. Specific feature of the school consists in orientation to general European cultural, intellectual, moral valuables. Education with the consideration of requirements unified with European education system allows our pupils to adapt quickly at any educational institution of Montenegro and Europe in general. About 100 pupils from 3 to 15 years of age study at school. In 2014 the school opened “Adriatic Land” kindergarten for children of 3-6 years of age. Training division “School of future first-grade children” has been operating since 2015.
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You may come on any day and at any time convenient for you. We shall introduce to you the School Administration, our teachers and educational program. We shall tell you our plans and ideas. Please only notify us in advance the time of your visit by phone at +382 (0)69 324 101.
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