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About the school


The international private school Adriatic College is located in Budva — a resort town on the Adriatic coast.


In 2014, the school was officially registered with the Ministry of Education of Montenegro. In 2021, it was also authorized by the International Baccalaureate.


The school offers children a full range of educational programs from kindergarten to high school. The main language of teaching is Russian, and for the IB DP it is English. From the 1st to 9th grade all students also study Montenegrin.


In primary and middle school, we use a combined Russian-Montenegrin academic program. At the end of each year, students obtain Svedočanstvo (a state-issued document of Montenegro). For high-school students, the school organizes preparation for the Russian State Exams (OGE and EGE) as a part of the tutoring program.


Our team consists of dedicated and qualified teachers experienced in different educational systems of the world. Adriatic College teachers take professional training and development programs annually.


The school offers eventful and varied extracurricular activities — camping trips, celebrations, tours, quests, creative workshops, and language clubs.




The mission was put into words together with the entire school stuff. The Adriatic College Teacher's Code states that every teacher, including new team members, must know and share this Mission.


The mission of the school is to create an enjoyable and respectful learning environment which would encourage young people to become critically thinking, caring and responsible people who understand the importance of continuous personal development and lifelong learning.





There are various people working in our School. If we look closer, we will see that they have a lot more differences than similarities, like it usually happens when mature adults gather for a single mutual cause. But what unites them is their commitment to the School's Mission and unconditional acceptance of the Adriatic College Teacher's Code.





At the time being, the school is located in rented premises in downtown Budva. There are small classrooms, much in line with the concept of little groups. Those are equipped with everything necessary for teaching and learning. Each grade is located in their own classroom, with teachers moving between them according to the timetable - the modern sanitary requirement. Teachers’ and students’ temperature is taken every day; each classroom has a water cooler. PE lessons are held in the gym in bad weather and outside - on warm sunny days.

The new building of the school (with the capacity of 250-300 students) is in the final construction phase. It is located at the very entrance to the town on Adriatic Motorway, overlooking the Budva Riviera. Apart from the main building with a science lab, a spacious gym and a library taking up a half storey, the campus has a facility for the kindergarten, sport courts and own patio. A boarding house may be set up on campus as there are apartments for hosting families and children. The opening of the new campus is scheduled for 2022.




State-issued certificate of education

  • Officially licensed by the Ministry of Education of Montenegro.
  • A state-issued certificate of education at the end of each school year.

Individual approach in teaching and learning

  • Small size groups.
  • Students of 1-2 grades are accompanied by a tutor.
  • Individual exam preparation tracks.

Continuity of the educational process

  • Preschool education.
  • Primary education.
  • General education.
  • International education program.

Foreign languages learning

  • In-depth learning of English, Montenegrin and Russian.
  • English learning in groups in accordance with student’s level (A1-B2).
  • The choice of the 4th language is up to the student
    as of the 6th grade (Spanish, German).
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