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International school Adriatic College was opened on September 1, 2014. Its curriculum was approved by the National Board of Education of Montenegro and served as the basis for the beginning of the educational process. The main idea of the creation of our school is to provide an opportunity to gain quality education both to the children of Montenegro and to the children of any other nationality who live in this country temporarily or constantly. To date, pupils from 10 countries (Austria, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and USA) study in the school. The curriculum includes using the latest methodological works, IT technologies within the framework of European educational standards. The specific feature of the school is its advanced curriculum in Montenegrin and several other foreign languages and its focus on common European cultural, intellectual and moral values. Studying in accordance with the unified requirements of the European educational system enables our students, if necessary, to adapt rapidly to any educational establishment of Montenegro and Europe as a whole. The development plan of the international school Adriatic College includes entering the international school system embracing over 35 countries and allowing gaining standard international education. In the recent years, the number of people coming to Montenegro from different countries during the whole year has considerably increased. Families with children attach great importance to the child’s continuous learning in accordance with the unified international system of education that would ensure rapid adaptation to the specificities of the national education in Montenegro and the student’s appropriate preparation for continuing their studies in any country. Modern requirements to education include, first and foremost, providing a high quality of education. In order to achieve this goal, we focus on the system of improving the professional training of the teaching staff and on forming the sustained interest in learning among our students. In order to meet these challenges an agreement was signed between Adriatic College and Education Technology Center (Moscow). This allows us to use advanced developments created on the basis of information and communication technologies in all the subjects of the curriculum: - demonstration of natural science experiments; - developed system of tasks for improving the skills of education activities; - developed system of project work on the subjects; - providing teachers’ methodological guidance by experienced educators; - opportunity to participate in further training of various levels; - access to the catalogue of educational resources; - access to the electronic educational library; - rich material on checking students’ knowledge (tests); - demonstration versions of final exams. The next step in the development of the international school Adriatic College is a partnership agreement with the International Baccalaureate (IB) for the implementation of its program. According to IB standards, a particular attention in the curriculum will be paid to studying English as the basic language for the whole system of international education. In the first stage, several subjects are planned to be taught in English starting from the 5th grade. Montenegro’s focus on the integration into the European Union suggests further growth of the number of students, as the process of socialization and comfortable fitting to European social model requires education meeting European standards.
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