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General Education


Training at International school “Adriatic College” is based on curriculum and programs giving guaranteed volume of knowledge, experience and skills. The school uses in its work state Montenegrin and Russian programs, design, individual, programs worked out by the School itself.


The School applies main general education programs:


1 stage – primary general education (1-4 classes)

Educational program is realized at primary school addressed to children at the age of six with a half to ten years of age. The English language, the Montenegrin language, culture and traditions of Montenegro are taught from the first class. Children attend with pleasure the group of full-day classes, where there is provided a walk with out-door games, independent studies and attendance of different hobby groups and sections.

The basis of educational work system – is mutual activity of teachers, pupils and their parents. Education at primary school is the foundation of the whole further training.


What kind of person our graduate will be?

  -  Initiative

  -  Curious

  -  Industrious and active

  -  Creative

  -  Responsible

  -  Self-critical

  -  Purposeful

  -  Communicative

  -  Sporty


The 2nd stage – main general education (5-9 classes)

At this stage of education there is provided the mastering of educational programs by the pupils, the conditions of socialization and formation of the personality, its inclination, interests and abilities to social self-determination. In addition to obligatory subjects there may be introduced subjects at option of the pupils themselves. Main general education is the basis for obtainment of secondary general education, primary and secondary professional education.


Upon graduation from the 9th class the pupils of International school “Adriatic College” are awarded Svedočanstvo (document of state pattern of Montenegro) and to those who wishes – Certificate of Main General Education of the RF (provided they passed State Final Attestation).

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