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Pre-school education. Kindergarten


“Adriatic Land” kindergarten – is a part of international education center which unites the kindergarten and “Adriatic College” school.

Training is effected according to Russian general education program of pre-school education “From birth to school”. And it means:

- specially equipped subject and brain environment;
- different creative workshops;
- topic brain building lessons, as well as learning English and Montenegrin languages;
- recreation and cold training programs;
- balanced four-times feeding.


Bright premises: cozy bedrooms, canteen, player space, equipped with function, easy moved furniture, modeling group space.

In order to learn children to play, be on friendly terms, to be aware of and to understand the surrounding reality – new modern educational and training toys, different models for directing games and interesting attributes for socio-dramatic games.

Pre-school lessons at pre-school group are conducted by the teachers of “Adriatic College” school.

We admit children at the age of 3.

"Adriatic Land" kindergarten is located in the city of Budva (Montenegro) on the coast of Adriatic Sea.



13, Rozino, Budva, Montenegro

Phone: +382 69 324 101


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