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In this section we will try to collect the most actual questions, asked by all parents at choosing school for their child.


“Does your school has license for educational activity?”

As for today International school “Adriatic College” is the only private school in Montenegro, which is officially registered with the Ministry of Education of Montenegro (date of registration – December 29, 2014). In accordance with the license International school “Adriatic College” has the right for the realization of 1) the main program of pre-school education and training, 2) main training and education. You may get familiarized with the scanned version of the document following this link. 


“What kind of diploma is given to the pupil who completed education at school?”

  -  Upon graduation from the 9th class the pupils of International school “Adriatic College” are awarded Svedočanstvo (document of state pattern of Montenegro).


“Is it possible to have temporary training at school?”

Yes, it is. The “Adriatic College” school admits children for short-term training and issues an extract with grades from the electronic school record book (achievement sheet).


“What documents are needed for entry to the 1st class?”

In order your child begins training at school “Adriatic College” the following documents are needed:
  1. Application about admittance of the child to the school.
  2. Copy of foreign passport of the parent.
  3. Copy of foreign passport of the child.
  4. Copy of Birth Certificate.
  5. Personal File (at enrollment to the 1st class).
  6. Medical card (at enrollment to the 1st class).


“What is the uniqueness of “Adriatic College” school?”

The “Adriatic College” school has numerous notable advantages, the main of which – specific features of the education program:

  -  Study of three languages beginning from the 1st class (Russian, English, Montenegrin) and study of 5 languages, beginning from the 5th class (the pupil may chose the fourth language at an option).

  -  The possibility of training in Russian or in Montenegrin.

  -  Study of subjects “Informatics” and “Information Technologies” from the 1st class.

  -  Wide introduction of information technologies and project methods of training to all general education subjects.

  -  Training through arrangement of pupils activity at lessons.


“In what languages teaching is carried out at “Adriatic College” school?”

Teaching at “Adriatic College” school is carried out at pupils option – in Russian or in Montenegrin.


“What languages are taught at “Adriatic College” school and beginning from what class?”

At International school “Adriatic College” the pupils study three languages from the 1st class – Russian, English, Montenegrin. Beginning from the 5th class one more language is added, the pupil will chose it at option. Currently the most popular languages at our school are French, German and Spanish. As well there is Chinese language learning.


“Do you have pre-school education?”

At International school “Adriatic College” we have kindergarten "Adriatic Land". Detailed information you may read in section “Pre-school education. Kindergarten”. From January to June there is operating the “School of Future First-grade Children”. Pre-school program includes the following modules:
 1. Development of concepts of surrounding world.
 2. Development of speech and reparation for education in reading and writing.
 3. Development of elementary mathematical representation.

You may follow the life our kindergarten in Facebook at the address:​. 


“Is there after-school center at school?”

After-school center is operating at “Adriatic College” school. Contact School Administration for detail at telephone +382 69 324 101.


“Is there a summer camp at “Adriatic College” school?”

Beginning from June 2017 summer camp of day attendance will operate at “Adriatic College” school. (Facebook -​.  



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