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School of first-grade children


Pre-school division of International school “Adriatic College” announces enrolment to the pre-school group.

Pre-school training – is a responsible and fascinating process, in the result of which the child will learn to think, develop memory and imagination, be able to communicate correctly with surrounding persons and be ready to orient in different situations.


Pre-school program includes the following moduls:
1. Speech development and literacy preparation;
2. Montenegrin language;
3. English;
4. Development of elementary mathematical representations;
5. Developing of concepts about surrounding world.

At the end of the course school psychologist conducts a test for readiness of the child for school and gives appropriate recommendations to parents.

It is possible to attend the “School of first-grade children” in the frames of our "Adriatic Land" kindergarten.


Lessons are given from 20 January to 30 April 2020 on week-days from 15:30.
Place of lessons - “Adriatic College” school.

All necessary information you may receive by phone: +382 69 324 101.

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