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Adriatic College Values

In defining the priority values of our school, we aimed to foster trust, mutual respect, and mutual assistance among students, teachers, and parents

Values Uniting Adriatic College

  • The Ability to Learn

    Our school doesn't teach rote learning or accept rules and postulates as dogma. In the modern world, it's vital to foster in students the need to seek new information, process it, continuously learn new things, and not be afraid of making mistakes. Only by doing so can we be confident that children will be able to realise their potential and adapt to new conditions, new professions, and new challenges.

  • Independent Thinking and Intellectual Honesty

    By developing our students' ability to think independently, we help them gain independence and security in any circumstances. Understanding the laws of logic and critical thinking skills will help a child realise that in this world, it's impossible to find an objective judgement; bias can vary, but the ability to assess the level of bias is a guarantee of successful choice of the correct position.

    Intellectual honesty involves recognising the contributions of others, aiming not to copy or cheat but to work independently and contribute individually to the collective knowledge and experience.

  • Openness to Diversity of Viewpoints and Cultures

    The world is vast, and our students learn to appreciate its diversity. We teach them the value of preserving this diversity and that a peaceful environment is conducive to creativity and development. One doesn't necessarily have to adopt another culture or viewpoint but should be ready to study, understand, and accept them respectfully.

  • Freedom of Thought, Expression of Views and Identity, Respect for the Individual

    Independent thinking is a foundational value of our school. We support students in their desire to express their ideas, thoughts, and opinions openly without infringing on the rights of others. An atmosphere of open discussion fosters the development of an individual's creative spirit in a peaceful environment.

  • A Safe Environment, Empathy, and Mutual Support

    A safe environment gives children the confidence to freely express their viewpoints without fear of censure, as long as they do not harm or infringe on the rights of others. Our goal is the emotional health of children and education based on the principles of empathy and mutual support, as these principles benefit any social group.

    We cultivate an environment in our school where there is no place for bullying, trauma, and complexes. Psychologists assist teachers in this effort.

  • Health

    The value of preserving and maintaining health is indisputable. Physical and mental health depends on many factors—from the conditions in which you study and the safety of the environment to monitoring the physical condition of students. These indicators are critical to us; we pay great attention to them, not forgetting about disease prevention.

The Importance of Values for Personal Growth and Learning

For students, these values are the foundation for personal growth and learning. They contribute to developing critical thinking, independence, and the ability to process information, preparing them for life in a modern, diverse society.

School Values as the Basis for a Safe Environment for Children

For parents, the school's values confirm that their children are in a safe environment where the priority is academic education and nurturing a holistic personality.

Adriatic College Values as a Reflection of Modern Education

We take pride in the fact that our values unite us as a community and reflect our shared vision of what modern education should be – inclusive, developmental, and supportive of every student in their quest for knowledge, self-improvement, and self-expression.

Adriatic College warmly opens its doors to everyone who shares our values. If you are close to continuous learning, respect for diversity, freedom of expression, and care for your child's psychological comfort and health — you will find like-minded individuals here!

Our school is where each student is valued as an individual and helped to develop and contribute to the common cause.

International and National Accreditations

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP)

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP)

Pearson Edexcel

Pearson Edexcel

International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

Accreditation from the Montenegrin Ministry of Education

Accreditation from the Montenegrin Ministry of Education