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The Psychological Service at Adriatic College

Fostering and Developing Personality at Adriatic College

A school is more than just an educational institution. It is a place where a student's personality is shaped and developed. The work of the psychological service holds a significant place in the Adriatic College system. Experienced psychologists also assist parents and educators. Caring for students' emotional states, offering help during critical moments, and supporting adaptation are the essential tasks of the department.

The Psychological Service at Adriatic College

Qualified Support

The school employs two certified psychologists, whom students, educators, or parents can consult on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm.

We believe in open dialogue and strive to hear all voices involved in the educational process

Support for Children

The "Dialogue Club" - each class holds group sessions with a psychologist every two weeks. In primary school, these sessions aim to form basic emotional literacy, maintain an open, trusting, and friendly atmosphere, and teach communication skills and conflict resolution. Secondary school focuses on self-determination, teaching collaboration and communication skills, and developing resilience, purposefulness, and psychological well-being.

Individual Assistance - the psychological support room doors are open daily. Children can receive quick individual help in acute situations or seek supportive therapy.

Support for Parents

Individual Meetings - such a meeting provides an opportunity to discuss a problem, develop solutions, and understand a specific situation. A student's parent can schedule an individual meeting with a psychologist through the class teacher.

Parents' Club - psychologists and parents jointly discuss and analyze issues of children's learning and development and the nuances of parent-child relationships. Club meetings take place once a term.

Support for Educators

Psychologists advise teachers to resolve conflicts and communicate effectively with students and their parents. They help find optimal solutions in complex cases and create and maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the classroom. They conduct methodological meetings to motivate children of different ages in their studies.

The school's psychological service holds meetings for teachers every holiday to address professional burnout. These meetings focus on self-support skills, stress management, and finding a life-work balance. Such meetings help teachers maintain emotional balance, enhance their professional effectiveness, and create a healthy learning environment.

The main tasks of the Adriatic College psychological service

  • Diagnosis
  • Emotional climate in the team
  • Development of social skills
  • Prevention and training

Diagnosis can help identify individual student difficulties related to adaptation, anxiety, self-esteem, and academic motivation, as well as provide an overview of the overall situation and atmosphere in the school.

Caring for the emotional well-being of students and educators is a priority task for Adriatic College psychologists. They help students deal with various problems, from adapting to a new environment after moving to academic difficulties and communication issues.

Psychologists help children develop communication, interaction, and teamwork skills and teach them to resolve conflicts and find solutions to complex problems, which is necessary not only in school life but also in the future.

Preventative work includes:

  • Creating a healthy atmosphere in the class
  • Combating bullying
  • Supporting academic motivation
  • Increasing the psychological literacy of all participants in the educational process

It also involves raising the overall psychological literacy of students, educators, and parents.

Support in the broadest sense

All meetings with psychologists are free. Students can visit the psychological help office during breaks or after lessons. The psychological support room is always quiet and very cosy when discussing personal issues or just taking a break from the noise and people around. Our psychologists are not just qualified specialists but friends with the students. Having earned their trust and always ready to help, they happily participate in school events alongside the kids.

The psychological service at Adriatic College provides comprehensive support to all members of the educational process, recognizing the importance of the well-being of students, parents, and the teaching staff.

For consultations and support on issues related to students' emotional well-being, parental upbringing, or any psychological aspects of school life, please get in touch with our Psychological Support Office. We offer professional assistance and confidential support for students and their families.

+382 69 32 41 02

International and National Accreditations

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International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP)

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Pearson Edexcel

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International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

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Accreditation from the Montenegrin Ministry of Education