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International and National Accreditations

Each accreditation is a serious step in our journey towards creating a unique educational environment. It symbolises our pledge to parents and students to provide a high level of quality education. For us, accreditation is a way to make sure we are doing the right thing. Every accreditation is an external validation of our work by independent organisations.

logo International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP)

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP)

The IB DP is an international pre-university programme designed for students aged 16 to 19. It offers a comprehensive and in-depth approach to education, valuing critical thinking, interdisciplinary knowledge, and cultural understanding. The IB DP is recognised by universities and higher education institutions around the world.

Global Recognition

The IB DP diploma is widely recognised by top universities around the world, opening doors for graduates to the finest institutions

University Readiness

The programme has been designed in such a way as to equip students with the skills and knowledge essential for the successful attainment of higher education

Interdisciplinary Approach

Students approach the study of subjects in an interdisciplinary manner, integrating knowledge from various scientific disciplines, which broadens their horizons and fosters the development of critical thinking

Personal Development

Through the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course and the Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) programme, students hone their self-reflection capabilities and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them

Preparation for the Global Community

The programme emphasises intercultural communication and understanding, preparing students for life in a globalised world

logo Pearson Edexcel

Pearson Edexcel

The education programme for secondary schools from Pearson Edexcel comprises two main age categories. It offers instruction in English, making it ideal for preparing students for the international academic and professional arena. For students aged 11 to 14, the Pearson Lower Secondary Programme has been developed, focusing on core subjects and developing critical thinking. The Pearson Upper Secondary Programme is designed for students aged 14 to 16 and prepares them for the International GCSE exams. Upon completing this programme, students can continue their education in our school’s IB Diploma Programme, ensuring further academic development and preparation for higher education.

Educational Materials from a Leading Global Publisher

As one of the largest and most respected publishers in education, Pearson Edexcel offers programmes supported by high-quality educational materials. These materials provide students with access to current and reliable sources of information, fostering a deep understanding of subjects and improving academic outcomes.

Progression Scale System

Pearson has developed a unique assessment system, the Progression Scale, which tracks student progress in critical educational skills throughout the study. This ensures a precise and detailed understanding of each student’s development achievements.

Preparedness for International Qualifications

The Pearson Lower and Upper Secondary Programmes are designed to facilitate a smooth transition to obtaining international qualifications, such as IGCSEs and International A-Levels, which give students an advantage when applying to universities worldwide. At our school, students can continue their education in the international IB Diploma Programme.

Integration with Leading Educational Platforms

Pearson actively integrates with leading digital educational platforms, Edexcel Online and Pearson Active Learn. These platforms provide students and teachers with access to online resources such as virtual labs, e-books, and online courses, making the learning process more interactive, accessible, and efficient.

Strong Academic Community and Support

Pearson supports a broad and active community of educators and students worldwide. Teachers and students can access forums, webinars, and conferences to share experiences, discuss current issues, and receive peer support.

logo International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is a modern, flexible, and adaptive international primary education programme for children aged 3 to 12. It's designed to stimulate curiosity, develop research skills, and shape a child's worldview. The programme incorporates thematic units that integrate subjects to provide a coherent and immersive learning experience.

Thematic Approach

The IPC utilises thematic modules, making learning more engaging and allowing children to draw connections between various subjects


Schools can tailor the IPC to their specific needs whilst maintaining high educational standards

International Focus

The programme explores topics from a global perspective, fostering children's understanding and appreciation of the world's diverse cultures

Development of Key Skills

IPC focuses on the development of social, personal, and academic skills, laying a foundation for successful continuation of education

Assessment and Progress Tracking

The IPC provides tools for evaluating and monitoring student progress to ensure their successful development

logo Accreditation from the Montenegrin Ministry of Education

Accreditation from the Montenegrin Ministry of Education

The accreditation from the Montenegrin Ministry of Education is an official recognition of the quality and standards of education provided by an institution within the country. This accreditation ensures that the school meets all national educational requirements and standards, as well as guaranteeing the quality of the learning experience for its students.

National Recognition

A school accredited by the national ministry is automatically recognised and trusted across the country

Upholding Standards

Accreditation confirms that a school's educational programme either meets or exceeds national standards

Safety and Support

Parents can be confident that an accredited school provides a safe and supportive environment for their children's education

Opportunities for Students

The presence of accreditation can open up new opportunities for students in the field of education or assist in career development within the country

Continuous Improvement

Having accreditation involves periodic checks and assessments from the Ministry of Education, encouraging the school to continually improve its programmes and services

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