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Organizing healthcare in the school

A Comprehensive Approach to Health at Adriatic College

Adriatic College adheres to a comprehensive approach to our students' and staff's health and well-being. Physical, psychological, and emotional health is critical to successful education and child development. The organization of healthcare in the school includes the following aspects:

Medical Service

Adriatic College: Medical Service

The school hosts a medical service equipped with the necessary facilities for providing first aid.

From 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, a qualified medical professional is available in the medical office, ready to assist students and teachers.

Psychological Support

To support students and teachers, the school offers a psychological service. We hold regular sessions to develop emotional intelligence, communication skills, stress management techniques, and other related topics. Psychological sessions can be conducted either individually or in groups.

Safe Learning Environment

The school's security service develops and maintains measures to ensure a healthy and safe educational environment.

Initiatives for Physical Education, Proper Nutrition, and Disease Prevention

Adriatic College: Initiatives for Physical Education, Proper Nutrition, and Disease Prevention

The school places great emphasis on the physical development of students. Adriatic College offers two sports halls and outdoor areas for sports activities. Additionally, various sports sections and clubs provide students with a wide range of activities. The college also prioritizes the quality of student nutrition. Fresh food is delivered daily to the school to give students and teachers healthy, balanced meals. Particular attention is paid to menu diversity, accommodating individual dietary preferences and the needs of each child.

Key Health and Safety Policies at Adriatic College

The healthcare system in the school is based on several essential policies:

  • First Aid Policy
  • General School Safety Policy
  • School Behaviour Policy
  • Anti-Bullying, Violence, and Discrimination Policy
  • Data Protection and Privacy Policy

All school policies are public documents and can be made available for review to any member of our school community.

Adriatic College is continually engaged in creating, developing, and evaluating health protection policies to ensure they meet the changing needs of students and reflect best practices in this field.

We are committed to creating an environment where every student feels cared for and supported by teachers and school staff, encompassing physical, psychological, and emotional well-being

If you have questions about first aid, medical procedures, or other tasks of the school's medical service, we strongly recommend using this communication channel to receive qualified answers. Our medical service strives to respond promptly and effectively to all your inquiries. The email for contacting the medical office is:

International and National Accreditations

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP)

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP)

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Pearson Edexcel

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International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

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Accreditation from the Montenegrin Ministry of Education