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First Aid Policy

First Aid Policy


At Adriatic College, the First Aid Policy is designed to ensure readiness and effective response to any accidents or medical emergencies at or on its premises. This policy aims to safeguard the health and safety of students, staff, and all visitors to our educational establishment.

The policy establishes clear procedures and identifies responsible individuals for providing first aid, including access to necessary equipment and medical supplies. It also outlines the process for documenting incidents, ensuring a thorough record of all first-aid cases and subsequent actions.

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Policy Objectives

The first aid policy at Adriatic College aims to create a safe learning environment and minimise health risks to students and staff. This policy is designed to provide a timely and effective response to medical emergencies at the school or on its premises. It will prevent further complications and provide the necessary initial medical assistance until qualified medical personnel arrive.

Policy Tasks

The tasks of the first aid policy include:

  • Informing staff and students about first aid procedures, possibilities, and policy limitations;
  • Creating conditions for the adequate provision of initial pre-hospital and emergency assistance to the injured;
  • Equipping the school with necessary medical equipment, first aid kits, and personal protection items;
  • Regular inspection and replenishment of medical kits;
  • Maintaining hygiene standards and infection control when assisting;

Policy Principles

The main principles of the first aid policy include:

  • Compliance with local legislation and international standards for providing pre-hospital first aid;
  • Maintaining a high level of readiness for medical emergencies;
  • Commitment to the principles of asepsis and antisepsis in assisting;
  • Ensuring the availability of first aid for all participants in the educational process;
  • Continuous training and professional development of staff responsible for providing first aid;

Key Aspects of the Policy

Scope of Application

The policy applies to all students, staff, and teachers of the school, as well as to all premises and territories belonging to the school.

Standards and Procedures for Providing Medical Assistance

Procedures for various injuries and conditions (cuts, bleeding, bruises, fractures, burns, etc.) are described.

Means of Providing Initial Pre-Hospital Assistance

Availability of first aid kits, medical drugs, dressing materials, and medical instruments.

Hygiene and Infection Control

Measures to prevent the spread of infections when providing first aid.

Duties of the School's Medical Worker

Specific tasks and responsibilities of the medical staff in the context of the first aid policy are described.

The first aid policy reflects a comprehensive approach to organising the first aid system at Adriatic College, ensuring its effectiveness and compliance with contemporary safety and health requirements for students and staff.

If you have questions about first aid, medical procedures, or other tasks of the school's medical service, we strongly recommend using this communication channel to receive qualified answers. Our medical service strives to respond promptly and effectively to all your inquiries. The email for contacting the medical office is:

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