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We open up an exciting world of learning for children!

At Adriatic Preschool, we offer an educational programme that introduces preschoolers to the basics of school life and teaches them to interact with other children and teachers. We aim to ensure a smooth transition from play to learning, revealing and developing each child's abilities.

Adriatic College: Why Adriatic Preschool?

Why Adriatic Preschool?

  • Small group classes
  • Individual attention to each student
  • Qualified teachers
  • A tutor in every class
  • A mix of group and individual lessons
  • Free trial lesson

Educational Programme

Thanks to a gentle and comprehensive preparation programme, students quickly adapt to starting Year 1.

The Preschool programme includes:

Neuropsychological Preparation

  • Helps the child identify their zone of proximal development
  • Creates conditions for gentle integration into new social forms of interaction
  • Teaches the child self-control and how to plan their educational activities

Speech Development and Literacy Training

  • Develops fine motor skills of fingers and hand muscles
  • Teaches writing in print
  • Expands and activates vocabulary
  • Teaches how to ask questions on topics of interest freely

First Steps in Mathematics

  • Introduces the child to numbers and simple mathematical concepts
  • Teaches logical and spatial thinking
  • Develops quick-wittedness and curiosity

Understanding the World

  • Introduces the child to the world around them
  • Develops an interest in observing nature

Creative Activities

  • Develops creative abilities
  • Fosters a unique perspective on the world around
  • Enhances imagination and creativity
  • Improves fine motor skills

English Language

  • Introduces English letters and words
  • Teaches how to respond to questions and form sentences from words

We'll instil a motivation for school learning in your child, making further education more accessible and enjoyable! All teaching technologies and methods are tailored individually for each child, depending on their educational needs and personal traits.

For all queries related to preparing children for school, including the admission process and organization of education, please get in touch with our PreSchool Coordination and Admissions Office. We will help you with information and support for your child's successful inclusion and participation in the program.

+382 69 32 41 02

International and National Accreditations

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP)

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP)

Pearson Edexcel

Pearson Edexcel

International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

Accreditation from the Montenegrin Ministry of Education

Accreditation from the Montenegrin Ministry of Education